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Office Hours

My next Office Hours day is 14th of November 2014 - use this link to make a booking.


For years now I’ve been taking random meetings. I usually enjoy it, especially when I learn something.

I’ve met some great people over the years and some long term relationships have begun from such meetings.

But recently I’ve found myself wanting to:

  • spend less time negotiating calendar arrangements over email,

  • cluster meetings into a single day, and

  • experiment with working one day a month at a different office

Office Hours

As of now, I’m going to experiment with setting aside one day a month to meet with anyone who wants to meet with me.

The schedule varies but office hours will always be on friday. Meeting duration is 30 minutes.

Related Reading

Here are some things I read when formulating “office hours”.

Paul Graham: Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule.

Brad Feld wrote about his “random meeting” arrangements back in 2006. His format is a 30 min gap between 15 min meetings, which can run to 30 mins if they’re super interesting. 15 min meetings feel a little sharp edged to me so I’m going with 30 min meetings with a 15 min gap. I like getting straight to the point but I also think it’s useful to allow time to talk about context.

Also by Brad Feld: Preparing For A First Meeting With Me.

Steve Blank writes that sharing something you’ve learned is a basis for reciprocity when you’re going into a random meeting.

Seth Godin on the conservation of mental bandwidth.